Our Pricing Is Changing in September

Published: 03 Aug 2017 By LoveLocalJobs.com

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We have learnt a lot about how to attract local talent since launching our first community job board nearly 7 years ago. From dealing with over 300 local businesses and helping them find the best candidates we have been the eyes and ears of what recruiters and employers want when it comes to recruitment. That’s why in September we are going to focus on doing what works really, really well for our customers by simplifying our offers and providing more access to our most successful job posting solutions.

To maximise the response our customers, get from their job adverts, we are going to reduce the price of our most effective solutions. One of the casualties of this will be our £99 single job posting. It has become less and less popular over the years and has been overtaken by some of our more advanced bundles both in terms of popularity and effectiveness.

If you are one of the few that uses our £99 single job posting, you have until the end of the summer until this product will be disabled.

Look out for more updates in September about our brand new pricing structure. Until then, feel free to enjoy all the summer £99s you can!

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