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Learning Opportunities is for anyone who needs advice about higher level skills, education, jobs and careers.

Learning Opportunities is helpful whether you're in work or seeking work but want to boost your career prospects with higher education qualifications at a local university or college. It covers everything from financing study to choosing a course or starting an apprenticeship. You can email for 1:1 advice.

Working Opportunities includes job-searching resources, redundancy advice and Brighton & Hove Graduate Jobs which outlines help from local universities for all graduates.

Enterprise Opportunities will help if you want to start or grow your new business in the South because it brings local and national resources into one place. You can email a University of Brighton expert for advice.

Work & Learning Opportunities can also help with candidate advice:

Education and Training – Adult learning

If you're interested in progressing to a university level qualification but want to study locally, Learning Opportunities has advice about:

Enterprise Opportunities

There is also advice for those interested in starting or growing their business. The advice covers the area that start with Brighton & Hove in the south and extends to the rest of the Gatwick Diamond.

If you're currently unemployed, the finance and funding section includes information about the new Enterprise Allowances. If you've just left full-time education, why not consider setting up a business of your own?

If you've looked at our resources and would like more 1:1 advice about growing your business from a University of Brighton expert, email enterprise@workandlearning.co.uk